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Very nice gal. Your next-door-neighbor type. Easy going, not in a rush and gets into it.
Oct 13, 2018
TNA Username: StaceyLace Service Type: Companion Incall/Outcall: Incall Gender: Female Body type: Curvy Accurate Pics?: Exact Match Name: Stacey Email: Website: Affiliation: Independent Age: 27 Height: 5'4" Ethnicity: Mixed Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown Bust size: DD Cup Piercings: None Smoker?: No Date of Meeting: 10/13/2018 Overall Experience: 5 stars
She made it feel like she was a long time friend.
Sep 20, 2018
I had a great time with Stacey. She looks just like her pictures if not better. She is very laid back and easy to converse with. Definitely a treasure up north and a must see for anyone wanting to have a relaxing time. She made it feel like she was a long time friend. ~Assman2607
Wasn’t snobby, super chill, a real pleasure
Sep 04, 2018
TNA Username: StaceyLace Service Type: Companion Incall/Outcall: Incall Gender: Female Body type: Curvy Accurate Pics?: Exact Match Email: Website: Affiliation: Independent Age: 27 Ethnicity: Mixed Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown Bust size: DD Cup Piercings: None Smoker?: No Date of Meeting: 09/04/2018 Overall Experience: 5 stars
Wrapped By Ms Stacey
Aug 25, 2018
Had a wonderful BDSM session with Ms Stacey; she’s excellent with her mummification wrapping skills and very attentive. Always a great lady and fun to play with!
Miss Stacey Lace
Mar 07, 2018
Just had a fantastic hour with Stacy. Great person to be around, easy to talk to and her laugh is contagious. Super sexy and very talented only negative is that Denver is not her home base! Can’t wait to see you next visit! ~JJGawkers
Feb 16, 2018
Not really good at describing things, but I can say the experience was tremendous. She is absolutely gorgeous, and had an amazing touch! Will most certainly be back! A certified Ebony Queen!
Fetish fun w/ Stacey
Feb 10, 2018
Had a fetish mummification session with Miss StaceyLace today. She is amazing, wrapped me up helpless, teased me crazy and left me happy when all was done. A very classy and fun lady!
Always a treat
Jan 19, 2018
Stacey is always friendly, and easy to book with. I was impressed that she can accommodate early weekday mornings when most providers are probably passed out. She’s a pro with an awesome and warm personality and is very enthusiastic when it’s time for business. This was my third experience at her incall and we tried a new position and it was very enjoyable. She has one finely shaped booty. Loved the body stocking she greeted me in. Good luck on your travels, sweetie.
Great time
Oct 15, 2017
Had another great time with Stacey. Couldn't wait to see her again. She came to my place and we chatted for a bit and got down to business. I always have a great time with her and can't wait to see her again
Fun afternoon stop with Stacey
Sep 30, 2017
Stopped to see Stacey late afternoon last week. Was a last minute call and she was very accommodating. You'll find her to be a sweet down to earth girl. Cheers!
A date with a beautiful woman
Sep 16, 2017
Admired how very pretty Stacey since she has been on TNA and always wanted to see her... She travels alot so is in the area sparingly. Some time opened up and I was in the area and luckily she was able to acoomodate me at a pretty short notice... Thank you sweetie... Met me at the door looking as beautiful if not more at her tidy descreet incall..... What a sweetheart!!! So sweet and friendly and the most endearing southern accent....I had such a enjoyable time with her...and man is she pretty....Could not take my eyes off her!!
Bowling Green
Jul 20, 2017
Stacey made me feel like I was a king. A true professional and seeet/sexy goddess. She will knock you down with her sex appeal and blow you away with her world class personality. This ones a 5* guys.
Stacey Lace
Feb 02, 2017
So I was browsing Backpage and saw that Stacey Lace was getting ready to leave Kirkland and I had to see her before she temporarily left to go to another state. Stacey is another provider I would go out my way to see and make a regular of and I was not disappointed. When I contacted her, she stated that she was coming from an outcall. So I managed to reach her residence before she did, but I politely stopped about less than a mile away from her driveway. A few moments later, she reached her house safely and we meet once more. Like before, Talking with Stacey was cool, funny, and entertaining. She is a real chatterbox and is feminine about it too! She is one of the few providers I feel comfortable to hold a conversation with. Last visit, we talked in general for an hour straight. We talked about music, work, Soraiya Valentine, and Stacey’s photos. After that, she gave me a full body sensual massage with her soft hands. And then we went down to business. We started with a CBJ, then cowgirl, then doggy, missionary, and ended with doggy. We had a much better experience this time since I was tickling Stacey all over her body, making her laugh a lot. She couldn’t focus, but her reactions to me tickling her was priceless! So any guy reading this, if you want to see her laugh really hard, TICKLE HER. I think one of here "Topics she don't like discussing" is DATY, but I can kinda respect that. Overall, the appointment was great. Better than I expected to be this time and the first one. Thanks Stacey for the body massage, “the business” and the laughs with me tickling you!
Stacey Lace Classy
Jan 21, 2017
Incall/Outcall: Incall Gender: Female Body type: Curvy Accurate Pics?: Close Enough Name: Stacey Affiliation: Independent Age: 27 Ethnicity: Mixed Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown Bust size: DD Cup Piercings: None Smoker?: No Date of Meeting: 01/21/2017 Recommended?: Yes
Rev: Stacey- Good Backup Plan
Jan 08, 2017
This review is long over due but I saw Stacey on TNA and figured I would leave a review. I originally found her on BP. I met up Stacey in the Summer. I had already had a meeting with another provider but she cancelled on me. So I went onto BP and found Stacey. After a couple of text I drove to her Private Incall in Lacey. I went up to her door and knocked. Next thing you know a good looking ebony gal wearing a leopard top and bottom opens the door. She greets me in and share a hug. We go in the room and begin to talk about our day and work. As I begin to undress she stops me and says "I'll take care of you baby." So she slowly starts to undress me. She's very hospitable! As she begins to get me hard she slips on the raincoat and CBJ has some nice skills. Then I put her on the bed and start doggy. She felt so nice and warm that it had me bust early. So we clean up a bit then begin to talk about life and such while laying next to each other in bed. She then starts showing pictures on her phone and ask me which ones I think look nice. As round 2 began she shows her CBJ skills. We go with doggy again and then flip her for a bit of mish before I unload once more.
Great Time
Jan 03, 2017
Met with StaceyLace at her incall. Communication was very good. She is very nice to talk to and easy to feel comfortable with. Service with a smile could be her motto. I enjoyed our time together and would repeat.
Another Great time with Stacey
Dec 13, 2016
I had another meeting with Stacey, as always it was great. I always try to see her when she in town and she never disappoints, can't wait to do it again.
Good Time
Oct 14, 2016
I had been reluctant to setup an appointment with Stacey due to her missing a couple of my favorite menu items but I had a great time and she's a quirky/smart lady.
Prince meets Princess
Apr 19, 2016
Time well spent with this beautiful woman. Very professional and welcoming; wonderful personality and a complete joy to be around. An experience that's make you want to come back again and again.
A great time with Stacey
Dec 06, 2015
Stacey has been on my "to do list" for quite awhile now, we have even exchanged a few private messages here on TNA since I added her, but for one reason or another I hadn't taken the opportunity to visit her until Friday when I saw her newest ad stating that she will be moving after the first of the years. I decided that I had better visit her while I could, and I couldn't be more happy. She was very easy to contact and was able to see me on pretty short notice. Her private in call is in a nice neighborhood and is clean and comfortable. She met me at the door with a smile and I am not ashamed to say that the first thing that I noticed was her amazing ass and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. :-) We got to her bedroom and imagine my surprise when she started taking her clothes off and I got a view of her incredible breasts, a perfect compliment to a gorgeous ass. We chatted for a little bit, small talk with her is very enjoyable, and sort of fondled each other a bit while we were doing so. When it came down to play time the cover went on and before she started a very nice CBJ she asked me what position I wanted to start with after the CBJ. For me it was a no-brainer, I wanted her to ride my cowgirl so I could see those amazing breasts the whole time. I can honestly say that I didn't last nearly as long as I had hoped to, but with such a lovely women giving me the sort of attention that she was, I am not surprised that I was completely drained in fairly short order. I plan on seeing her at least once more before she moved in January, and hope that she comes back to the PNW for a visit from time to time.
Stacey Lace
Aug 04, 2015
I had been looking at Stacey's ad on bp for a few weeks now. At first I thought she was too good to be true. I finally decided to go see her this morning. The area was easy to find in Lacey. It was a private Incall. She led me to her room and sure enough she looked just like her pics. Her breast were wonderful. We started off with her giving some head, it was great to enjoy. We then started with her on top and she kept asking me to slap her ass which I did. She came while she was riding me that was awesome. Then we switch to missionary and I just took my time with her. Then we switched to doggy and I enjoyed hitting it from the back and slapping her ass. Then she finished me off with some more head and I came with cover still on. Great experience and she offered me some water as well. Thanks for the great time Stacey.
Foxy and Fun
Jul 22, 2015
WOW... I tried to post this review earlier but it didn't work. Stacey is the real deal. Absolutely fun person to be around. She knows how to take care of you. Setting up an appointment was really easy. We started with a beautiful cbj. She knows what she is doing. As she did that she let me play with her a little bit and she liked that. After awhile we went in to cowgirl where she rode hard. We the switched to doggy... WARNING this position is too sexy with her. She was getting close and so was I so we switched to missionary. This is where she showed off her amazing flexibility. She was really feeling it and grabbed me and pulled me deep in and we both came.... Stacey all I can say is thank you!
Stacey Lace Part 2
Jul 05, 2015
I just couldn't let Stacey go. I had to see if her boast about the best CBJ of my life was just smoke or if she could back up that claim. When I met up with her this time we showered together first and chatted a bit more before she asked if I was ready. On went the cover and down she went. OMFG she did not lie. CBJ, DT, BLS lasted nearly 30 minutes until she finally came up for air and got on top for some CG and I then had to turn her around for some Doggy to the finish line (cause this babies got back!). Stacey's booty is a wonder to behold. By the time we were done both of us were spent. Well, needless to say Stacey is on my permanent TDL every time she graces Eugene with her presence in the future.
Loveable Stacey Lace
Jul 04, 2015
Sometimes a guy just needs to converse with an intelligent and beautiful lady. Well, that is what Stacey was for me tonight. I spent an hour just having a great conversation with her. It was fun. Would I do it again? Yes. I will admit my fingers did itch to touch you and my cock is still quivering over your CBJ claim that you are the best at making toes curl and eyes roll back into a guys head. Stacey admitted to me that she loves to suck cock as much as I love eating pussy. Well my dear...we will soon see about that! Thank you for the wonderful hour of just talking and getting to know you. However, if I find the time before you leave on Monday I'm going to get your clothes off of you! I'm currently day dreaming about you taking that bath
Review of Stacey Lace!!
Jun 21, 2015
Stacey was very easy to get a hold of! After a few texts we set up an appointment for her to come to my place! She was a counple of minutes late but she texted me that she was running late due to traffic! I really appreciated her giving me the heads up! She arrived to my place in a cute dress! We went to my room and chit chatted for a few minutes! I was kinda nervous but she made me feel very comfortable! The clothes came off and she gave me a great CBJ! Then i got on top and the rest was history! She even brought wipes to clean me! That was cool! I do recommend her to others!!!
Lovely Time
Jun 11, 2015
I get so busy with life , I get way behind in reviews and I apologize to the providers for the late Reviews. I met Stacey at her secluded, safe, private residence which was very well taken care of. I was so focused on digging the phat booty on her, I missed the dog present in the living room. After a some small talk and a hug , she escorted me to the back room. I requested a shower, and she agreed. While showering, I liked her social interaction with me the whole time. There was never an awkward moment. I dried off and we started with her on her knees with a very intense CBJ. We mover over the the very high bed. She mounted and rode me to finish as I grabbed that big juicy ass. Very nice tight peach. I cleaned up, had some small talk and left. I never felt rushed. she very accommodating, and I can't wait to make time for her again.
Foxxy vs. Hound. Who won?
Feb 08, 2015
As usual, on a Saturday night, I was bored, when I saw her ad on BP. Taking a liking to her pictures, I called her up. At first, she was hesistant in going through with me, since I was black not 35, which her ad says not to call if you are both. However, she made an exception for me, because of my manners and approach to her, lol. Score one for being the nice guy. Anyway, we set up a time, and she was on her way. Fast forward 15 minutes, and I hear a knock on my door. She steps out and I was greeted with a thick sista in my mists. She had these gray sweats that made her booty stick out. Rather nice, I say. While she was following me to the room, she was talking about Huntsville, and how the scene here is depressing for clients because of it, and she was impressed by my demeanor. I wasn't thinking too much about it, but she said I was a nerd because of my interests, lol. But she took a liking to me and promised me I'd have a good time. We get into the room, and she got undressed. She gave me a CBJ, which although doesn't really fit my desires, was good enough to get me ready. Two minutes in, and she's asking me to pound it from behind. I get into position, and boy was she gushy. She also told me that I was her first for the night, and I happily took my time with that. So much so that I was pounding her into Froggy style, like in the movies, lol. Ten minutes later, I get up, and guide her to the edge of my bed, where I had her in RCG. This lasted about 5 minutes, until I stood up, me still inside her, and I got her in standing K9. Seeing her butt rocking back and forth was good enough for me. I felt I was about to pop after about 10 minutes of this, so I got back on the bed and got in K9 and finished in the position 5 minutes later. We got dressed, and she was very nice and talkative whilst doing so. I appreciate when an escort actually has a personality rather than just a face, since you connect more with them. She said that she'd like to see me again in the future. I said sure, that'll be a great thing for Huntsville if she does. She's a nice person with a nice booty, lol.
OMG what a woman
Apr 23, 2016
OMG...what a woman! Beautiful eyes, really knows how to put one at ease. Very pretty face. Soft skin. Amazing breasts, just wonderful. Overall, a dime in my opinion. The CBJ was amazing. Best I have ever had! She's tight too, fellas. If I could I'd try and find a way to have her for my very own...that's how good she is. Cannot recommend her enough, guys.