Remember women like to be spoiled and pampered treated like the precious princess that she is! But gifts should come from the heart and with no strings attached. But don't worry if you so choose that route your gift will not go unappreciated or forgotten, I know how to appreciate your generosity and will acknowledge your kindness.

And for those of you who still need a suggestion of what would delight me, below are some ideas:

  • Amazon/Target/Starbucks/Apple Gift Cards(With Proof of Purchase or  EGift Cards means you send gift card to my email are okay)
  • Fetish Wear & Lingere
  • Roses(Pink Is My Favorite Color)
  • Strawberry Covered Chocolates
  • Purses/Shoes(size 9)
  • Fetish Toys
  • Nice Gifts


Thanks In advance,

Goddess Stacey Lace